Pediatrics Desktop VDI Requiring 2FA (DUO)

UFHealth IT will begin requiring 2FA (DUO) logins on Monday 11/8 for all remote logins to the UFH VDI (Virtual Desktop infrastructure) VMware View systems.  This includes the Pediatrics Desktop VDI which is hosted in the UFH VDI system. This is the same as the 2FA (DUO) logins now being required for remote logins to Epic.  Some VDI users are already being prompted for DUO authentication to the VDIs if they are already enrolled for DUO.  For anyone having issues logging in, please don’t hesitate to contact us (email or call (352) 273-5808) or UFH IT (352-265-0526) for assistance with the login.

Below is a link to the UFH news page about this change and some key items on how it will work.

Key changes are:

  • The logon screen will only have two prompts: Username and Password (no domain box)
  • Users must use username ONLY, not “UFAD\” or “”
  • There will not be a prompt for how DUO should send the request, it will ONLY do your primary method
  • There will not be any visual queue to check DUO, except it will fail after 1 minute