Technology Policy and Guidelines

November 18, 2020

Policy Regarding Information Technology guidelines from the Department of Pediatrics 

The Department of Pediatrics strives to disseminate information to our entire faculty, staff, and residents about information technology processes and guidelines.


Current Faculty and Staff

Current faculty and staff of the Department of Pediatrics who want their email directed to another email system at the University of Florida can forward their email to that system indefinitely.

Note: UF HIPAA email policy does not allow Faculty and Staff to use automatic email forwards to addresses outside of the domain.

Former Faculty and Staff

Due to UF’s HIPAA email, policy the Department of Pediatrics will not offer any mail forwards to former faculty, staff, or students. Any such forwarding of e-mail outside of will violate the electronic mail policy.

Note: If the employee is leaving the Department of Pediatrics, but will still be employed with the University of Florida, your Pediatrics e-mail account will be disabled and your new department will create a new inbox.  If you are leaving University of Florida, you will not be allowed to keep your Pediatric e-mail account or the contents in your inbox.

Termination of Email Forwarding

The Department of Pediatrics IT staff reserves the right to cancel without notice any email forward on our system that is broken or adversely effecting UF systems. Further, the Department of Pediatrics IT with the assistance of employee relations reserves the right to reset without notice any passwords required to remove such a mail forward.


All Restricted, Sensitive, and Operational data must be stored on properly secured file servers and database servers. The Pediatric IT staff provides file services on the Home (H:) Share (I:) and Lab drives. Your restricted, sensitive, and operational data must be stored on one of these devices or equivalent servers run by other UF service providers that comply with UF Security and Privacy Policies.

If you are unable to store your data on one of these servers, please contact Pediatrics IT for assistance in protecting your data from threats to its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  IT can direct you to the necessary encryption, backup, and data security services to protect your data.


Pediatrics IT staff for proper erasure or destruction must process any electronic information storage media containing Restricted or Sensitive data that is leaving the service of the Department of Pediatrics. This applies to all media including removable drives, memory cards and sticks, USB drives, PDAs, and digital cameras. This policy applies for all destinations including but not limited to surplus property, trash, recycling, and donation.

If you have any doubt as to the classification of the data on the media in need of disposal, please deliver it to the Department of Pediatrics IT for disposal.


Computers and devices accessing the Pediatrics network must be properly secured at all times. When not directly in use, office, lab, and suite doors must be locked and any easily transportable devices should be secured in locked cabinets or drawers.


Restricted information on portable computing devices, PDAs, smart phones, laptops, USB thumb drives, or any other type of easily transportable storage must be stored in an encrypted state.

If you have a need to transport restricted data, please contact Pediatric IT. We will assist you in configuring the appropriate tools for your device.


A Gatorlink user account is utilized for individuals to access many resources provided by Pediatric IT. This section describes protocol for the authorization and affiliation of Gatorlink accounts at the Department of Pediatrics.


Individuals eligible to have their Gatorlink accounts affiliated with Pediatrics resources include faculty, staff, and other associates of the Department of Pediatric as well as individuals who work in collaboration with Pediatrics.

Accounts are modified with differing privilege levels, according to users’ needs. Account features will vary and as such will be governed by policies unique to each level of privilege.


The Division Administrator for each division is responsible for approving the affiliation and the payroll department is responsible for authorizing the affiliation of Gatorlink accounts.

When an account is requested, IT must receive sufficient information about the individual such that the account can be affiliated with the appropriate features.

All accounts at the Department of Pediatrics are deactivated when the employee no longer has a formal relationship with the department. Accounts may also be suspended or terminated for violations of UF or College of Medicine policies.


Access Revocation

University of Florida rules require that an individual’s access will be terminated when he or she leaves the University. The individual’s department is responsible for submitting a request to the IT to remove access to Pediatric resources.  IT will execute that request at the end of the individual’s affiliation with the Department.

Rules and Restrictions

Use of UF and the Department of Pediatrics resources is subject to the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy. Accounts may be suspended or terminated at the Department discretion for violation of these rules.

  • One User, One Account – Do not share your account or your password with another user. If an individual without a Pediatrics account needs access to the department network, the department’s account requester must submit a helpdesk ticket.
  • Piracy – Do not download or share copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright holder. This includes software, music (i.e. mp3s), and movies.

Ownership of Data

Employees of the University should be aware that their work at the University of Florida is property of the University. Any arrangements to the contrary are between the individual, the departmental chair, the dean, and UF legal Counsel.  As such, exercise appropriate discretion when intermixing personal content with UF content.


In the event of resignation/termination from the Department of Pediatrics, we will not allowed you to copy or remove data from any of the file services listed in the Data Storage section above.  The department has the right to refuse any requests.



Johnnie McCray

Director, Information Technology