Defender for Endpoint (DfE) – Apple

What is happening:

Currently all UF Pediatrics IT managed machines with Apple operating systems are being targeted for migration on the 16th of April, 2024 (Tuesday) @ 2:00AM. This update WILL require a restart. Please see below for options on installing the update before the deadline or waiting until the deadline for the forced installation.

What to do:

Option 1 – Self Initiated Installation:

If you would like to perform the installation before the deadline. The steps to do so are below:

  1. Open “Self Service”.
  2. Locate “Windows Defender” title in the Featured, All, or Security section.
  3. Select “Install”.
  4. Follow remaining prompt to perform a device restart.

Option 2 – Forced Installation at Deadline:

On the deadline, 16th of April, 2024 (Tuesday) @ 2:00AM your machine will uninstall Trend Micro antivirus, restart, and install the DfE products. 


  • Trend Micro will be removed from targeted systems.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will be activated.

Verify Defender for Endpoint installation

In the top right of your desktop toolbar, you should see a shield with a check-mark. This indicates that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is installed and activated.

Defender Status
  • The icon may not show up right away, and could possibly take up to an hour for it to appear.
  • If you have a shield with an alert symbol, please contact Pediatrics IT.