GatorMail Migration

Status: In Progress (10/16/2020)

In alignment with the ongoing campus effort to rationalize systems and services, UF is moving to one cloud-based email service.  The cloud-based email service is called GatorMail and is a hosted service by Microsoft 365/Exchange Online. (UF student email is already in GatorMail.)  It is advantageous for UF to migrate email services from a UF Data Center hosted service to the cloud based GatorMail, since Microsoft adds functionalities to the cloud version much faster than to the on-premises environment. 

What does this mean for faculty and staff  

  1. Your mailbox is currently hosted in the UF Data Center (UF Exchange). When this migration is complete, your mailbox will be moved to the GatorMail cloud email service.  
  2. You will have the same functionality and use the same mail software on your desktop computer and on your mobile devices to access UF email.  
  3. You will also have the added benefit of better integration with additional GatorCloud services hosted by Microsoft, including Teams, the Office Suite, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. 
  4. You will experience a better and more modern user interface when accessing GatorMail via the web. 

Details of the Migration:  

The mailbox migration for Pediatrics is going to be completed by divisions and will be split up over several nights.  Pediatrics IT will send an email to your division or group with your scheduled migration date and time.  Reminder communications will be sent leading up to your migration date and on the day of your migration.  On the day of your mail migration, you can still send and receive email and accept calendar requests and join Zoom scheduled meetings as part of calendared meeting request.  Depending on the size of your current mailbox, completion time of the migration may vary (If you have a lot of email folders and files stored in those folders, your migration will take longer).  Once your mailbox migration is complete, you will be required to complete a few steps on all email client applications you use to access your emails.  Please see the details below for expected behavior for each desktop and mobile client and mail app type.  Also included are links to detailed guides for each device type and mail app.

Outlook Web Access

  • You can access the new GatorMail system from the same landing page you use to access your current mailbox at .  Make sure your link or existing bookmark does not include “/owa” (Ex. at the end as that will no longer work.
  • Choose the “GatorMail (Log in to GatorMail)” option on the left side of screen.  Not the “UF Exchange (Log in to Outlook)” on the right side of the screen
  • You can also go straight to or bookmark the UF GatorMail (Office 365) service page

Desktop Clients

  • If you currently use Microsoft Outlook for UF email: After completion of your mailbox migration, you will receive a notification that a change was made to your mailbox. At that point, you’ll be asked to exit Outlook and log back in.
  • If you currently use something other than Microsoft Outlook for UF email:  You may not be notified when the completion happens. Your email client will fail to connect and a reconfiguration of the settings (pointing to GatorMail) is required.


Required Desktop Client Actions and Guides 
Client Action Guide
Outlook (Windows) Re-authenticate Guide
Outlook for Mac Re-authenticate Guide
Mac Mail (macOS) Update Connection Information Guide
IMAP clients (Thunderbird, etc…) Update Connection Information Guide
ActiveSync clients (Generic) Remove Account and Re-add Guide

Mobile Clients

Required Mobile Client Actions and Guides 
Client Action Guide
iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc…) Remove Account and Re-add Guide
Outlook for Mobile Devices (iOS, Android) Remove Account and Re-add Guide


  • All logins to any UF Microsoft 365 service (GatorMail, Teams, OneDrive, etc.) must use your GatorLink username (GLID) with ( email address for the username (Ex.
    • Your GatorLink username (GLID) is what you use to login to your Pediatrics computer and the Pediatrics Desktop VDI
  • Any other format of login will NOT work for login.  Below are some examples that will NOT work:
    • Any custom email alias using


Known Issues

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Pediatrics IT (352-273-5808 / or to the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357) for any assistance with this migration or if you have any questions or concerns.