Access Peds SharePoint

Peds Computer

The easiest way to access SharePoint is through a direct link shared with you by Peds IT or another member of your team. If you click on the link and receive a message that says “You do not have permission to view this site” and you know you should have access please contact your Division Administrator and/or Peds IT at

If you do not have a direct link to the SharePoint website you are trying to access please try following these steps:

  • Visit Peds SharePoint (
  • Use the horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page to navigate to the SharePoint site you are looking for. Note: If you do not see your site listed in the drop-down menu, try looking under the division or group your site is associated with. For example, the IT staff site would be listed under Divisions > Administration. If you need assistance please reach out to Peds IT.

Important! We highly recommend bookmarking the direct link to your SharePoint website for quick access.


If you are trying to access SharePoint from a remote location you will first need to connect to the UF Health network. Below are links to different resources that can help you establish a connection. Once you are connected to the network follow the steps above to access your site.

(Note: SharePoint websites that have been moved to the new SharePoint 365 online environment do not require a connection to the UF Health network.)

Shands Computer

If you are using a Shands computer to access a Peds SharePoint website, you will need to take a couple of extra steps before you will be able to access the site. This is because when you log into a Shands computer you are using your Shands credentials and not your Gatorlink which is need to access Peds SharePoint. To make sure the internet browser you are using recognizes your Gatorlink, follow these steps:

Screenshot showing how to login as a different user

Shands Shared Computer

Shands shared computer are computers that do not require a login to use. For this reason you will need to access the Peds SharePoint website via the Peds VDI.