Windows 10 v1909 Upgrade 05/26

Please read the following important notice:

Pediatrics Faculty and Staff,

May is here and it is now time to get your computer updated. To keep your computer secure, IT will start installing and rebooting Pediatrics managed windows computers that are not running the latest version of Windows 10 (version 1909).

You are receiving a notice on this computer as this computer still requires the v1909 upgrade. A deadline to install and restart has been set to Wednesday, 5/26 at 2 AM. It is recommended to initiate your own install when convenient. Make sure to close and save any open files on your computer before running the install. Please see the instructions below on how you can upgrade and how to verify your version. Any computers not updated by the set deadline will be automatically upgraded and rebooted.

Upgrade Date:

Wednesday, 5/26/2021 @ 2am

Windows 10 v1909 Upgrade Project

Versions older than 1909 are reaching end of support and soon will no longer receive security updates and will no longer be allowed on UF computers. Beginning in May, Pediatrics IT will begin targeted installations and restarts of any computers that have not already been upgraded to v1909. An email will be sent to your division or group with the targeted date and time to upgrade and restart any remaining non-v1909 or newer Windows computers. Please read below for additional information about this upgrade, how you can verify if you are already on version 1909 or newer, and how you can initiate the install at your convenience.

What we are doing:

Each year, Microsoft releases a periodic update to its core operating system with new features and security updates. Older versions will eventually reach end of support with Microsoft and will no longer receive security updates and patches. All UF computers must be upgraded to a supported OS version per UF security policies.

How you can upgrade:

On your Windows Desktop, you will see an icon for an app called Software Center, where we host a variety of programs and utilities available to all Pediatrics’ faculty and staff. You can select the option “PEDS-Windows 10 1909 Feature Update Part 2” and then choose Install from the bottom-right of Software Center. If the update does not show for you, please see the section below on how to verify your current OS version.

What you can expect:

The installation process may take up to 1-2 hours to complete. Once the install is initiated, your computer will automatically restart, without notice, to finish the installation. We recommend that you initiate the install process before you leave for the evening, or a time when you know you will be away from your computer for an extended period. Please make sure to properly save and close any open files and software you have open before initiating the install.

How to verify your version:

You can verify your current version of Windows by opening the Start Menu and searching for “About your PC.” Your current OS version will be listed under Windows specifications -> Version. You can also manually navigate to this window by going to Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> About.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Pediatrics IT (352-273-5808 / for any assistance with this upgrade or if you have any questions.