IT Device Inventory

Dear Pediatrics Faculty and Staff, 

Pediatrics IT is performing a review and annual inventory of all Pediatrics-owned mobile devices and any offsite device that are not currently at a UF or UFHealth facility.  This review is to certify Pediatrics devices are in compliance with all UF property and security policies.  

Who does this policy apply to? 

Any individual with a Pediatrics-owned mobile device or any other IT device not located at a UF or UFHealth facility.  This includes but is not limited to laptops, tablets, and cell phones. 

What should I expect? 

Each device will be reviewed to make sure the currently supported operating system, software, and security programs are installed as well as device encryption is enabled.  In some cases, this will be as simple as bringing the device to us so that we can confirm the inventory records are correct and scan it for this year’s annual inventory.  In other cases, we might need to do a complete refresh of the operating system or software on the device. We aim to complete the process within 24 hours, but depending on the amount of work required, it may take up to 72 hours to complete.  Some loaner devices will be available if the device is critically needed during the time the device is being worked on. 

What do I need to do? 

We’re asking that any individual with a Pediatrics-owned mobile or offsite device to contact us (email or phone (352) 273-5808) at their convenience to schedule a time with one of our technicians to review your assigned devices.  Pediatrics IT will reach out to anyone with assigned devices that did not contact us to schedule a review meeting. All devices need to be reviewed and inventoried by 09/15/2024.

Please don’t hesitate to contact use by email or phone (352) 273-5808 with any questions