Inventory and Review Process



All Pediatrics capital assets and attractive property are required to have one UF property decal (Capital or Attractive) and one Pediatrics property decal (Blue or Red).  Any missing UF or Pediatrics decals will be reprinted or a new one issued and placed during your scheduled meeting with a Pediatrics IT technician.  These decal numbers will be referenced on any assigned off-site certification letters.

Pediatrics Blue and Red Decals

Peds Blue Decal
Peds Red Decal

UF Capital Asset and Attractive Property Decals

Capital Asset Decal
Attractive Property Tag


All UF-owned capital assets and attractive property must be tracked annually per UF and Pediatrics policy. Assets that are located at a UF or UFHealth facility are inventoried annually by the UF and Pediatrics property team.  Assets that are located off-site, or are intermittently traveling, annual inventory is accomplished by the assigned user of the asset completing a UF Property Off-Site certification letter.

During your scheduled meeting with a Pediatrics IT technician, they can assist with logging in to the UF myAssets website and completing any pending off-site certifications for your account.

Operating System

UF devices are required to use the current developer-supported or patched operating system versions.  If not already running the current supported operating system, your assigned Pediatrics IT technician will coordinate with you on completing an in-place upgrade if supported or they will set up a time to do a full install of the latest operating system for your device.  We ask that you make sure any local UF data is saved to the appropriate UF or Pediatrics-provided data storage solutions.  Speak to your assigned Pediatrics IT technician for a list of supported data storage solutions or to request assistance with the backup.

Currently Supported OS Versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Version 1809 or newer)
  • Apple macOS Mojave (Version 14) or newer
  • Apple iOS 11 or newer

Unsupported OS Versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or older
  • Apple macOS High Sierra (Version 13) or older
  • Apple iOS 10 or older

Find your OS Version:


All UF devices must have all needed or appropriate software security patches applied.  Your assigned Pediatrics IT technician will perform a software scan for each device and review with you to make sure all software patches are applied and the appropriate software version or licenses are being used.

Supported Software Versions:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft 365
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


All mobile computing and storage devices that access, store, process or transmit University Data, regardless of ownership, must be compliant with University of Florida Information Security Policies and Standards [1].  The following will be completed and certified during your scheduled meeting with a Pediatrics IT technician:

  1. Ensure device or storage encryption is enabled and compliant with UF security standards
  2. Install UF and Pediatrics required management software to ensure encryption reporting and software deployment and updates
    • Management Software
      • Microsoft Windows Devices – Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
      • Apple Devices – Jamf Pro
  3. Ensure UF anti-virus is installed and correctly configured to receive updates


Access to all UF and Pediatrics provided devices and services are to be secured with a secure account and password.  Account setup will be provided by UF (Gatorlink) or Pediatrics IT.  All UF Faculty, Staff & Students are required to follow UF’s Authentication Management Policy on any device or service used to conduct UF business or research.  This includes making sure only current needed local accounts are enabled, follow UF’s password complexity standard, and account credentials are not shared with any other UF personnel or non-UF persons.  All device and cloud service usage must be in accordance to UF’s Acceptable Use Policy

Your assigned Pediatrics IT technician will review each device to remove any unneeded accounts and work with you to update or migrate as needed all other accounts to use UF logins where applicable.

UF Provisioned Services:

Policies and Directives