UFL Zoom Time Sensitive Zoom Changes – May 30, 2020

NOTE: Pediatrics IT is pushing this new version to the domain computers.  No action is needed for your office computers.  Read below for updating  non-managed and personal computers and mobile devices.

Zoom will be enforcing the more secure version 5.0 clients starting May 30, 2020.  Information about this change and other changes impacting us are noted below:

  1. Zoom 5.0 Client: Only new 5.0 clients will be able to join meetings starting on Sat May-30, 2020
  2. Screen Sharing: An unknown number of random accounts were changed on May-11, 2020 to Only Host Can Share Screen by default
    • Users may need to check their meeting settings to enable screen sharing for all participants if they so desire
      • The Meeting host can still update settings during meeting to enable participant screen sharing
      • Mainly Impacts meetings where host may not be present.
  3. PMI Password: All Personal Meeting ID sessions will (at some point) be required to use passwords
    • UF won’t be able to turn this option off – it’s a Zoom global setting.
    • A deadline for this change has not been set.
    • Zoom recommendation for recurring meetings: Schedule new ones instead of editing the existing.
    • Check back on the UF Zoom site https://ufl.zoom.us/ for further updates