Pediatrics Desktop VDI

The Pediatrics Desktop VDI is a secure way to remotely access your UF and Pediatrics software and files.  This VDI is available to all department faculty and staff.

Please note: Files saved on your Desktop folder within the VDI will NOT be saved between sessions. All files saved to the Desktop folder will be erased when you log off from your session. Please make sure to save all files in your session to one of your Peds drive folders (H:, I:, L:). Login will send a 2FA prompt to your DUO primary device.

Site Name

System Access

There are two ways of accessing the Pediatrics Desktop VDI on the UFHealth VMware Horizon system.

VMware Horizon HTML Access


  • No client to install
  • Do not need local administrative access on host


  • No multi-monitor support
  • Certain keyboard shortcuts will not work (Shortcut List)
  • No or unreliable access to local devices such as webcams and microphones
  • You cannot hear sound on videos played in the VDI
  • Some common keyboard shortcuts do not work (see Keyboard Shortcuts below)
  • Display scaling issues on some Mac devices with Retina screens

VMware Horizon Client


  • Support for up to three monitors
  • Access to local devices such as webcams and microphones
  • You can hear sound on videos played in the VDI


  • Requires local administrative access to install the client

System Logon

  • Username: Gatorlink_Username
  • Password: Gatorlink_Password
  • Domain: UFAD
  • Multi-factor Authentication: A DUO prompt will be sent to your primary DUO device

Client Configuration


Keyboard Shortcuts


shortcut Windows MAC
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Ctrl+Alt+Insert Fn+Control+Option+Delete